About Us

The Case Management Society of America is an international, non-profit organization founded in 1990 dedicated to the support and development of the profession of case management through educational forums, networking opportunities and legislative involvement. As of 2017, CMSA has 73 affiliated and prospective chapters.

The Houston/Gulf Coast Chapter of CMSA is one of the oldest CMSA chapters, it was established in 1992.The current executive director of CMSA, Kathleen Fraser has been an active member of this chapter for many years, serving as past-president of the chapter several times.

CMSA’s emergence as a prominent national organization is in large part due to its unique and involved membership. Innovation is used to continually mentor new leaders for national positions. CMSA has developed a leadership ladder, whereby local leaders progress in their scope of responsibility through appointed national committee positions or elected director/officer positions. To enhance this process, the society provides ongoing leadership training seminars geared for the local leaders.

In nationally recognized innovation, CMSA developed the nationally recognized Standards of Practice for Case Management. This publication was officially released in early 1995, and is a forerunner in establishing formal, written standards of practice from a variety of disciplines. During that same year, the National Board approved a peer-reviewed Ethics Statement on Case Management Practice, a base foundation from which to apply ethical principles to the practice of case management. The Standards of Practice and Ethics Statement are both available from CMSA National.